Month: October 2017

Toddla T

Toddla T’s phenomenal album Foreign Light is out now.  Having cut his teeth as a producer in Sheffield and finding himself working with Roots Manuva on his 2008 LP `Slime & Reason’ a move to London Town was next on the cards. Consequently, after completing an Essential Mix for the BBC, Toddla states that he became a regular presenter on Radio 1 & …

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Drones Club

PMR Records’ Drones Club, although nominally a trio based in Tottenham, (crafting electronic anti-anthems) see themselves as a collective, a radically inclusive organisation with fluid boundaries and ambitious ideas on how society should function. Formed in the Summer of 2015 out of a desire to reconnect people in a confusing, pivotal age they developed an …

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Nafets has a genre-busting sound, bouncing between production of his own and a musical alchemy with trusted producer CPSL0CK, with whom he shares a near-telepathic connection. The result is a fiercely eclectic blend – but then again, what did you expect from an artist with Clint Mansell’s Requiem For A Dream sheet music tattooed down …

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RIKI is based in Jamaica, but hails from the USA. Her unique brand of Reggae and Dancehall infused POP has been pricking up ears across seas, and her vibrant style is hard to ignore. Riki’s debut album is set for release in 2018.

Yxng Bane

Yxng Bane is just 21 years old but he’s already found himself in the Official UK Chart. His current single “Rihanna” has jumped straight into the Top 40, with his collaborative single with Yungen “Bestie” sitting pretty in the Top 20 for the 19th week running. A hot one-to-watch, East London-hailing Bane is making a …

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